About Us

Who We Are

Our Mission

At KC One, electrical contracting is not our primary mission; rather, our aim is an attitude of service. Ultimately what we seek in doing business each day is to serve our contractors, owners, and fellow team members. This mission has fueled our success since 1999, and continues to be our focus today.

Our Values

At the root of our operation is a "worldview" that informs the way we work, and goes much deeper than paychecks, sales goals, or balance sheets. It starts with individuals who genuinely care about integrity, honorable character, common goals, and a job well done.

Our Approach

Our unique, team approach includes a desire to make our contractors, owners, and fellow employees all a success. After nearly 20 years of business, we have seen this method proven time and time again. We understand that in order for any individual or company to be successful, others must be successful.

Why Partner With Us?

"We aim to represent our contractors well with both high standards and personalized service."

Electrical Professionals

We place a strong emphasis on truly professional contracting. From preconstruction and planning to closeout, take confidence that your firm will be represented well by our team for the length of the project and beyond.

Manage Risk

Impressive single and aggregate bonding limits, low experience modification ratings, and a high level of organization ensure that your next project will be delivered on time with fewer complications and excellent results.

High Standards

We refer to ourselves as electrical craftsmen. Words have meaning, and the conviction that anyone who calls himself a craftsman should be highly skilled in his craft both informs the way we work, and yields a higher standard for the product we produce.

crafts·man \ˈkraf(t)s-mən\

1. a person who practices or is highly skilled in a craft; artisan.